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book cover Bareback Bare is back without brother! The Huntsmen: Bareback is again available at All Romance eBooks and at Rainbow eBooks as well as for the Nook. This is the third in chronology, but the story stands alone.

Brian is a solo huntsman, a bareback, a jinx nobody in his right mind would trust. Joe's a stand-up cop, a moral pillar of his community. In the condo-cluttered, blood-drenched Florida landscape, lovers must become brothers to strike at the heart of evil.



A sneak peek at Golden Boys is up at Indies Unlimited now.

Golden Boys is available at Amazon.

Golden Boys Golden Boys

With his easy laugh and knowing eyes, Jell grew up street, while I was raised to be a pillar of society. When the FBI asked me to betray him—the guy I've crushed on since ninth grade, I went straight to Jell. So we have one less secret between us. Which would be great if we didn't have to escape a psychiatric clinic in the middle of the night, half naked, with people shooting at us. The only refuge we can agree to head for is my crazy cousin Gator's retirement village.

Now we're lost. We're cold. And I've never been so alive.


I visited at Sarah Ballance's Blog on July 10 to discuss the first WOCA anthology, A Light In The Darkness, and my short story, "Exit, Horatio."

Guest post at Guys Like Romance Too.

Here's a recent interview by Savannah Chase.

I blogged. Don't faint. I do blog, once in a long while.

WHO ARE YOU? Why are you here reading this? Drop me a line at my gmail account, shapeshiftersinlust.

My story "Exit, Horatio" is now out in the fundraising anthology A Light In The Darkness. Living well might be the best revenge, but retribution requires direct action.


Dead Kitties Don't Purr   cover art

Dead Kitties Don't Purr is part of Lesbians vs Zombies: The Musical Revue. See an excerpt here.

People who take their shots and do as they're told have nothing to fear, right?

The Rabies Z epidemic began and ended in Miami this past summer, didn't it? And that guy my daddy saw at the Jacksonville airport last week was just having an epileptic fit. No cause for alarm. Epilepsy always causes an eighteen-hour hazmat shutdown at a major airport.

So while my twin tours to flog her newest album, here I am, Camie Invisible, parked at this nice, safe college—as far as I can get from the infection and still pay in-state tuition. Only now, my studies have become focused on the fascinating Risa Ruiz. And she has eyes for me.

Isn't this the perfect time for the z-things to show up?

You can also order Dead Kitties from Rainbow eBooks.

The Lesbians vs Zombies blog is live.


Khyber Run cover art by April Martinez

 Khyber Run is available at Loose Id and on Amazon Kindle, at Sony, and All Romance eBooks.

Zarak abandoned that Warrior Code crap long ago.  Oscar personifies it. In a war-scarred land, two men fight for justice, honor, and who gets top.

Transplanted from an Afghani battleground to a Florida playground at age ten, Zarak Momand spent the next several years trying to remember Pakhtunwali, the Pakhtun Way, and instill the Pakhtun warrior spirit in his younger brothers. A generation later, he’s a burned-out Navy hospital corpsman who has lost touch with everything that matters: his brothers, his heritage, and possibly his soul.

Then he is kidnapped by USMC scout-snipers hell-bent on justice for a murdered brother marine. The murderer has deserted. They have ideas where to find him and plenty of unofficial support–but this is Afghanistan, where the easy answers are wrong and the best-laid plans don’t stand a chance. Codenamed Zulu, Zarak navigates the ambiguities of fourth generation warfare, where there are no front lines and where the moral high ground shifts without notice. He can rely on no one but Oscar, a sexually compelling marine who is every bit the warrior young Zarak had once hoped to be. But is Oscar’s rough passion a betrayal between brothers? And what happens when their target would rather die than go back?

Khyber Run (the paperback) is now available on Amazon.

See excerpt and interview at Silvia Violet's blog.

See haiku interview at JS Wayne's blog.

KT is back, in Turner & Turner 2: Turncoat.

Nine months ago, Ken Turner and his lover, FBI agent Turner "Turn" Scott, handed in enough evidence to bring federal charges against KT's stepfather, but Father escaped to Mexico. When Mexicans kidnap Turn, KT desperately smuggles himself across the country to seek help from a man out of Turn's past. A man whose photo Turn still cherishes. A man who, KT finds, has crossed the border and now contends with KT's stepfather and other drug lords for leadership of their cartel.

To survive, the drug lords must know which parts of their networks have been compromised. Turner Scott has that information. One of the drug lords has Turn. Another has KT. The third knows KT might be Turner Scott's only weakness.

But Turn himself doesn't know whether his hunger for justice is stronger than his taboo love for KT.

Find Turncoat at Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, at All Romance eBooks, or at Rainbow eBooks, your virtual corner bookstore.

The Blood Lust anthology includes More Than Memories, a story of the living stones. Dick is an ass. Harry's anal. Obviously, they're made for one another. But scruples, and an unscrupulous vampire, come between them. What's a ghost with a geek-fetish to do?


 Secrets vol 20The Subject

One week Tyler is signing the deal of her life and in sight of her first million. The next week, she's on the run for her life--a pawn in a world of high-profit body parts. But she's still The Tyler, queen of game designers, and just the person to turn the tables...given any chance at all.

Long ago, Esau devoted his entire being to the welfare of his pack. But now he's found a woman who needs him fully alive--fully alpha. Pack duty requires him to track her down and deliver her to her enemies. He can't. But to save her, he must give up everything he thought he had, and become more than he ever thought he could be.


Secrets Vol. 13 Hawkmoor

MA thought she was human. Darien thought she'd readily adapt to the shapeshifters' world. Lia thought she could be controlled.

They were all wrong.

Shapeshifters Darien Berenov and Mary Alison Hawkmoor were bonded to one another as small children. Then Mary Alison disappeared, an orphan in the human world, and grew up treating her full-moon "hallucinations" as mental illness. Darien took her place as Hawkmoor, growing up as a prince among the shapeshifters and using the Hawkmoor name to keep the peace.

When Mary Alison surfaces, Darien's authority reverts to her. Exploiting the erotic aspects of their awakened bond, he seeks to form a union of souls and to resume his rule in her name. Mary Alison defies him. War explodes as Families vie for territory and position. With people dying and the moon swelling toward full, Darien chooses among ugly options: he must bring his mate under control, or he must sacrifice her for the sake of peace.


An Interview In The Back Seat!

THE ADVANTAGES OF BEING ORGANIZED? Here's one: You can find my pictures cleverly hidden under the DISCUSSION button! Sigh...

"We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home." Edward R. Murrow (1908-1965)


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